Social Media has evolved, it has come a long way from where it started. The interface, the use, the number of users have seen a dramatic change over the last 10 years. Every marketing effort needs a medium to reach its target audience. It was just a matter of time for the marketers to take note of the immense reach and the marketing potential of Social Media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. offered to them. On the other side the likes of Facebook always knew what they could offer and continued to build on what they had.

Social media for small & medium business or start-ups is no more as simple it was a few years ago when a post with any image or written content would reach a big audience hence getting a lot of eyeballs and engagement which possibly led to enquiries and sales. The posts now need to compete with many other posts to grab that eyeball that you need. Some basics before you get on to the long journey of social media success are below.

  1. Set your Goal – This is very important and often ignored part of a stores social media plan. A goal is your aim and without an aim what are you going to target and how will you measure your success. You can have a variety of goals from getting more leads for your business to increasing the number of followers on the page, but do set a goal.
  2. Build an Overall Strategy – You have your eyes set on a goal now the next step is how do you get to that goal, this path of getting to it is what we call STRATEGY.
  3. Define your Target Audience – Building the right definition here is key as this will deice what Social Media platforms you want to be present on. You are not going to find lion if you target a herd of sheep, so get your targeting right to the CAPITAL T.
  4. Create your Content StrategySpeaking to a French in Spanish is not a great idea. The content should be the kind that your target audience connects with and identifies itself with. With content here we mean both forms, written & visual.
  5. Set Budgets – the organic reach of most platforms is now next to nothing. Though they are Social media they are not here for social service, so plan your ad budgets, break them into weekly or monthly budgets.
  6. Now hit the PLAY button and get ready to Rock N Roll

Managing & Building a Social media presence is not a job that can be done by a ‘ One Man Army’  in ‘One day or week or month’, you need a professional & experienced team working on it for a long time to reach your goal. At Blue Bulb Digital we like to say this to our clients and any others while speaking on Digital Marketing & Social Media –  It’s Not Magic…It’s Practice and boy it surely is a lot of hard work.

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