With more people looking for products & services online, visibility is a challenge for most web based businesses. A website needs to be ‘optimized’ on search engines to come up in the first few pages if not ranks of an organic search by a potential customer/client. A search engine’s first page is more trusted by the audience which again adds to brand loyalty.

As per a recent survey, about 91% of online searches are only on the first page of Google, one of the most popular search engines globally. Businesses & brands try to be at the top of page to generate more traffic to the website which also leads to potential sales leads and enquiries. In fact not only traffic and sales it also builds trust in the brand/business as most internet users believe that google will throw up only trusted websites in the first page, this faith in google also keeps it on it’s toes and hence google keeps reviewing its own policies and rules when it comes to the good practices for optimization.

When you sign up with Blue Bulb Digital for SEO services, our SEO experts will review your website as per latest parameters and suggest a comprehensive strategy that will help your business to stay at the top of Google searches. Our SEO team will work on promoting your business using well researched techniques of keywords analysis, on-page and off-page optimization, which will channel a stream of qualified traffic to your website and also improve your website ranking & visibility. This will improve the probability of increasing conversion and engagement while reducing bounce rates or prospects deserting shopping cart before checkout. Search engine optimization is an absolute must for all websites, whether e-commerce or otherwise. Among other factors that directly affect SEO ranking are content quality and relevance, our SEO experts are ably supported by our content team who are adept at creating SEO friendly content regularly.

SEO is a very cost effective process of increasing target customer reach as you get traffic for free from ‘organic’ or ‘natural’ search. It is a time-bound process and requires dedicated effort before any measurable results can be noticed. While it is profitable to be on the first page of a Google search, it is also important to maintain your website ranking on a search engine as your competitors are constantly bettering their online strategies to outperform your business. Our team will continuously optimize your website’s SEO to keep you ahead in the race.

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