DIGITAL strategy is the approach you take to creating or impacting culture with your business. ‘Culture Creation’ should be an integral part of your game plan – especially in this digital age. Our approach to working with your brand is focused on understanding 3 points around your vision




‘How’ can we take your vision and create a brand new concept? Understanding the nature and culture of your industry becomes first point of call. We won’t know what audiences to approach until we can understand ‘how’ your brand has the capacity to approach them.


Context is key in Branding – Knowing ‘where’ your vision fits in and ‘what’ it will contribute to is analysing context. Research is very important here – understanding the culture that surrounds your industry gives us a bright insight into where your market performs best.


Often people might find that an original concept may be wholly different from a final product. Maintaining a level of consciousness in your brand is essential to making sure that the message isn’t lost in flashing lights and smooth tricks. Advertising works best when there is a clear message of service – that requires a conscious effort to change a person’s life with your brand. Branding Strategy is a unique practice that we at BBD London love to get involved in.

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